Listed below are the educational videos available for study. Each video comes with a study guide to encourage further discussion with students. Please contact Malini using the form below for inquiries.

Dance Divine: Mime and Theater in Classical Indian Dancing (with Study Guide)

Enjoy the beauty of Indian dancing while you explore the meanings behind the mime, posing and staging within classical Indian dancing set in India.

Dance Divine: Visions and Sounds in Classical Indian Dancing (

with Study Guide)

In this second offering of Dance Divine, learn more dances, see more beautiful Indian temples, and be moved by the orchestra-backed production.

Celestial Legacy No. 1 (with Study Guide)

In this video, classical Indian dancing is explained for young audiences in a fun and entertaining way.

Celestial Legacy No. 2 (with Study Guide)

This second video is geared for adult and college-level audiences, and explores Indian dancing and ballet in a more extensive and fast-paced program.



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