Artistic director Malini Srirama is an outstanding exponent of the classical Indian dance styles of Bharatha Natya and Kuchipudi. Hailing from a family well versed in the fine arts, Malini started her rigorous training at the age of five under eminent gurus of India renowned for their pure, classical tradition. Her solo and troupe performances of dance and storytelling, educational lecture-demonstrations to universities, and fully orchestrated dance ballets have been received to critical acclaim globally, with performances spanning India, the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Guru Malini Srirama

Guru Malini Srirama

Malini has performed at the Rashtrapathi Bhawan (the residence of the president of India), at international conferences, World Fairs, and at the United Nations (at the initiation of the Indian mission). She has presented papers at conferences on Indian dance and given lecture-demonstrations at many universities and colleges. She has also performed at various World’s Fairs, including Knoxville, TN, New Orleans, LA, and Vancouver, BC. In addition, Malini has directed highly acclaimed educational videos on Indian dancing for the public.

Malini has been awarded prestigious titles in India including the “Natya Kala Kovide”, “Abhinaya Visharade”, and the “Priya Darshini”. In 1991, she became the only Indian dancer to win the “Annie Award” for excellence in the performing arts in the United States. She has received the Michigan Council for the Arts “Creative Artists” grant and Michigan Humanities Council’s “Chatauqua Artist” funding to continue presenting Indian dance and culture to American audiences.


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